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"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
"A man may be loyal to his government and yet oppose the particular principles and methods of administration."
"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves."
"Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?"
Abraham Lincoln, Indiana Hometown Republican Statesman

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Greensburg Airport

Greensburg Board of
Works Meetings (Archive)

Greensburg City Counsel
Meetings (Archive)

Greensburg City Information

Greensburg Community Links

HEA 1001 Enrolled Act

PDF Files

St. Mary's Church




2013 Supplement to the City of Greensburg Economic Plan Appendix A, TIF Project List

Freeland Road Typical Cross Sections, Page 5 Final Report Freeland Road

Indiana Property Tax Exemption Form

City of Greensburg 2008 Budget Estimate

City of Greensburg Police Station Lease Worksheet

City of Greensburg 2005 Renovation Bond Billings School/City Hall

City of Greensburg, Indiana Code of Ordinances This site lists the code of ordinances for the City of Greensburg, Indiana

City of Greensburg Water / Wastewater Payments to HNTB, Umbaugh, Strand, Steve Taylor 2004-2007

City of Greensburg City Council Districts

City of Greensburg Comprehensive Plan 2007

City of Greensburg Annual Financial Report 2006

City of Greensburg Capital Development Fund Hearing 2013

City of Greensburg Umbaugh 2004 TIF Presentation

City of Greensburg TIF SR3 Montgomery Road

City of Greensburg Freeland Road Extension Map

City of Greensburg Walmart TIF Allocation Area

City of Greensburg Notice of Qualifications for Downtown Development (IOCRA/HOTT)

City of Greensburg Historical Commission Draft

City of Greensburg Zoning Map 2007

Decatur Unconsolidated Text

Decatur Bedrock

Decatur Bedrock Text

Decatur Hicap Table

Decatur Geologic Map Index

Downeyville Area

Downeyville Area Flood Zones

Downeyville Reservoir Proposal 1965

EBWC Water Proposals

EDC 2008 Proposed Budget

Final Report Freeland Road HNTB 2008 (this is a very large PDF file, it may take up to 30 minutes to download)

Final Report Freeland Road HNTB 2008 Page 6 Figure E-5 "Preferred Alignment"

Flow Chart for Developing a Historical Commission

Greensburg and Decatur County Boards (WIP)

Greensburg Elected Official Salaries 2003-2013

Public Request City of Greensburg Elected Officials Salary Ordinances

Greensburg 2007 Primary Election Results

Greensburg 2007 Election Results

Greensburg Illustration of Compact Fees 10-29-08

Greensburg Water Actual 1998-2009

Recent History of Greensburg Downtown Development (large PDF file)

Hyett Palma Action Agenda 2004

INDOT 18 Month Letting List Search

IU Smoking Survey

Indiana Public Access Handbook

Mitchell Business Improvement Districts 1999

Putting together the Economic Development Puzzle 2007

Referenda on local ordinances

Request for waiver Greensburg Plan Commission

TIF National Association of Realtors 2002

TIF, Protecting Public Education from Tax Giveaways to Corporations

TIF no bargain to taxpayers

TIF Board is like a spider weaving a web around taxpayers

Umbaugh 5/21/08 TIF information for discussion

Vernon Fork Water District Recommendations April 10, 2008

Working on the Past - National Park Service - Historical Preservation

Freeland Road Corridor Plan August 2008 HNTB

Greensburg RDC Report Umbaugh 7_23_14

Redevolopment Bond Resolution Draft of 7/20/14 Barnes & Thornburg



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